the slut. I love the slut. It’s free.

She doesn’t do it out of interest.
The girl does it for pleasure, but
she can control herself.
You can find it in swingers clubs.
She cheats on her man if he wants it.

the woman loves sex.
She is a woman who loves sex like men.

Indeed She’s not a bitch.
The woman has her limits, but you can find all kinds.
The girl can cheat on her husband only if he neglects her sexually or is unable to have sex and she becomes an available cuckold.

If she has a real man by her side she can turn into a saint out of bed and a slut in bed.
every man’s dream. (my opinions are based on my experience, not all women are like that

EXTREME consenting women who want to be fucked hard. not for all-
Some women love extreme sex. It’s not something for everyone.

Or rather women don’t know the true pleasure of sex. They are afraid of it. They believe that other things are more important.

Sex is a gift from god why not enjoy it? You use your whole body. rd your mind too, in my opinion sex is underrated in society

It is demonized but I believe that only with a freer education, the world would be much better.

Here, in this category the extreme is the maximum for this site, Don’t look if you are not a real man. A strong man.
I admire women who aren’t afraid to express themselves through sex.