The little girl is a naughty scholar


The little girl is a naughty scholar. Young Goldie is thoughtful, she has to talk to her teen college professor. The problem with her is that she’s a slut and loves cock. How to ask your professor for his cock without looking like a young slut? Her teacher observes her in her pink outfit, like a wet pussy. Even if she is gay she would pull his cock, with a little flower like that. Oh little hole…
The young girl is determined that he will be the first mature man who takes virginity from her ass. Breaking this little hole and breaking it for the first time, he will be very beautiful.

The little girl is a naughty scholar
Also The Tushy series is characterized by fresh, bright locations and rich environments. From being clean of girls who are engaged or from good families. Often in a highly disturbing context. Not at the beginning when everything seems immersed in an aura of respectability. But when desire and passion manifest themselves, even the purest and most modest girls prove to be women hungry for sex and without any moral or family limitations. Indeed The sexual part focuses on anal intercourse. Even between family members, but mostly sisters

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Date: October 16, 2023

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