The young woman screams she made a mistake


The young woman screams she made a mistake The daughter is very angry with her father, who is calm. She screams at him violently and insults him greatly. He reacts and gives her a slap. She is shocked and confused, she is unable to react to the offense and is caught off guard and blocked by the man in a violent way. The man tears them off and while she cries, he starts groping her tits brutally. Her male forcefully pushes his member into her mouth and she is forced to lick it.

showing us an unsuspected familiarity with the matter. the man pushes the poor girl’s head entirely onto her hard member. In fact He is serious and inflexible about this fact and she cannot help but satisfy the degenerate desire of that strong and violent man who is still her father.

The young woman screams she made a mistake

Indeed The facefuck is inexorable and the poor girl has to fulfill her only task as a daughter which is to suck her elderly father’s cock. So The blowjob is excruciating for the poor girl who has to suffer the abhorrent punishment of the angry man. The unbearable violence has a consequence, the man puts his cock inside her daughter’s vagina and abuses her

Date: October 14, 2023

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