girl in the leather jacket


girl in the leather jacket Gagged submissive babe smashed from behind rough and deep

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The girl wearing short white shorts and a leather jacket is talking to the two men who will be part of the video.

An arrogant little bitch who just wants to see her filled with cock.

Indeed fucked in a brutal and violent way and as we well know in Pascal’s series that’s exactly what happens. Amara is grabbed by the hair in a violent way.

Indeed is forced to do a sloppy furious gag to Pascal. The young girl is a real bitch and the only thing that stimulates her is my hard cock. The facefuck is hard and intense, but the little girl does it in the best way possible. A born whore.The thing that strikes me about her is that careless look of a slut. who doesn’t want to talk but just take a big cock down her throat.

That she loves hard cock and just wants to be used… for money of course. The slut gets fucked in the pussy on the bed. Her pussy just craves cock inside.

In fact I’m sure she’s waiting for nothing more than the big load she’ll get on her face at the end of the video.

Date: October 8, 2023

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