Stupid girl satisfies man


Stupid girl satisfies man

The girl is in underwear, we see her busty breasts, and she is dressing herself. She has a lost and thoughtful look at the same time. She understands that she is about to do something bad, but she is astonished by it, as she is resigned to what she is about to do.

Series taboo

Her mother is ill and she lies in bed tired and is given a sleeping pill to make her sleep. Her father looks at her interested… it’s time for the girl to do what her mother no longer does! The man lowers his trousers and the girl sinks his cock into her willing throat. She doesn’t oppose it, she can’t do it… it’s a family tradition. the daughter with big natural tits.

Stupid girl satisfies man

Pumping the father’s cock if the mother is no longer capable of it… or at least is no longer aesthetically decent to satisfy the perversion of her depraved husband. She is astonished. Father gives his conscious daughter an intense facefuck. The situation leaves the viewer astonished, due to the latent perversion that is about to explode in a complete relationship, with the old mother sleeping in peace next to her, while the resigned daughter satisfies the old father in need of a wet and warm pussy. The girl’s body gets excited and she can’t help but willingly accept that the man licks her young pussy.

Date: October 2, 2023

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