best friend deceives a father


best friend deceives a father. man tricks friend’s daughter and secretly deflowers her.

best friend deceives a father. a man tricks a friend’s daughter and secretly deflowers her nervous teen Giselle who fucks her stepfather’s best friend.

Three men meet at one of their homes to watch the game together, but one of them has other ideas…. This man is very ambiguous with the daughter of one of his friends. The bearded man instills sinful thoughts in his teenage daughter by slowly arousing her.

At first she is surprised by his attitude but she doesn’t have the courage to tell her father, thinking in her heart that the man is joking, he’s not dangerous and she’s grown up anyway and can control him, but that’s not the case. Steve is very insistent and the blonde girl is scared and attracted at the same time. The daughter is embarrassed… but she doesn’t object when the bad man sticks his tongue in her mouth. She gets excited and gets her panties taken off. Pussy licking. She takes the mature man’s big cock between her big tits and also gives him a great blowjob. The best daughter you can have for your friends is the cocksucker who stays quiet. Nice contrast, right?

Date: September 21, 2023

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