A young blonde deflowered in the ass by her daddy


A young blonde deflowered in the ass by her daddy first time anal fuck –

A young teenager is studying on the sofa, while her elderly dad enters and shows her a book. The blonde with glasses starts writing with the old man next to her. It seems like a scene from fan life, but the abuse is more hidden. She has her legs open. I feel her adoration of her wet pussy.

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She laughs and the slimy man starts touching her thighs hot and eager for his cock.
The two kiss and the man quickly places his lewd hands on the girl’s soaked thighs. She is already wet and ready to welcome the old man’s cock. A real bitch in heat. Her little pussy is soaking wet. Meanwhile, she takes the pope’s cock in her slutty mouth. Her little ass takes the daily ration of male cock, in fact he takes off her pink panties.

A young blonde deflowered in the ass by her daddy
She is shy, but quick to lick the man’s cock. A true expert cocksucker as her mother. Who knows how many cocks she sucks at school or at family gatherings.

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The cock is vigorous as she slides into her young daughter’s mouth. She opens her mouth and swallows the man’s whole cock. The girl is on all fours on the sofa and welcomes the man’s cock into her slutty mouth.
The mature dad deflowers her first in her pussy and then in her anal gut already broken by all her schoolmates.

Date: August 19, 2023

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